Leukaemia Treatment

More and more, cancer treatment is tailored to the individual person.

This is especially true for leukaemia, where the choice of treatment is often based on your age and general health, plus very specific tests that are done on the cancer cells. For this reason, someone you know may be having different leukaemia treatment.

Generally, the main treatments for leukaemia are:

  • Drug treatment, including chemotherapy.
  • Stem cell transplant to replace the cancer-producing cells
  • Supportive care to stabilise your condition and keep you as well as possible.

The approach to treatment is generally different for acute and chronic types of leukaemia.

With acute leukaemia, which progresses quickly, the emphasis is on fast treatment.

Watchful waiting, or simply monitoring the condition for now, may be advised if you have a type of leukaemia that develops slowly (chronic leukaemia). If you feel anxious about this idea, talk to your doctor and nurse and they can explain more.