Donate your network

donate your network

Want to find more ways to help Leuka? Of course you do!

One of the biggest obstacles a small charity faces is gaining visibility. The big boys of the health charity world have the most cash, so they can afford the adverts, the big events and as such they get most of the donations... and the cycle continues. 

But there's one thing that remains true, that there's nothing that beats a personal recommendation. 

So, if you've donated to us, and support our work in any of the many other ways suggested in our Donate Your Time section, then why not encourage your friends and family and others in your social and professional networks to do the same?

Whether it's asking your nearest and dearest to switch to Amazon Smile, asking your Yoga class members to sponsor you for your Leuka challenge event, or asking your business networking group if you can promote Leuka as a business charity partner during your next event, or simply both liking and sharing a Leuka update on Twitter or Facebook - it's truly invaluable to us.

If you'd like more information or support from Leuka on any of the options mentioned above, please email us on