Special Occasion giving

Drinks at a special event

Are you planning a special event this year? Perhaps you’re planning a wedding, or a big milestone birthday and want to add an extra, meaningful touch. There are several ways you can do this with Leuka.

Donating in lieu of gifts

Many of us have everything we need; if you feel this way, why not ask for donations to be made to Leuka in lieu of a gift list? We can help you set up a special JustGiving page for the occasion, or provide you with collection boxes for your special day.

fundraising on Facebook

NEW for 2018 - You can also now run your 'special occasion' fundraiser through your own Facebook account. 

Simply look at the bottom of the menu on your Facebook newsfeed and you'll find the 'Create' section and the link to starting your own Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation etc. fundraiser for Leuka.

Wedding favours

Our purple Leuka pin badges make a lovely wedding favour. Your guests will feel proud to have supported vital leukaemia research when you reveal you have made a donation in their name. 

Add a Leuka touch

For a donation, we can provide balloons, caps, pin badges and T-shirts for your special event. 

To support us in any of these ways, or to contact us with your own ideas, email Simona on simona.abis@leuka.org.uk


We’ll be happy to help!