Prestigious Fellowships awarded to four exceptional women scientists

07th November 2017

We are proud to announce our 2017 John Goldman Fellowships will go to four outstanding researchers destined to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow. This year Leuka has awarded over £490,000 in grants to the following top scientists:

  • Dr Lisa Hopcroft, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Cristina Pina, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Maria Teresa Esposito, University of Roehampton
  • Dr Anjali Kusumbe, University of Oxford

Our John Goldman Fellows will be delving into key questions in leukaemia research to find better treatments for patients. Dr Maria Teresa Esposito, for example will undertake studies into MLL leukaemic cells that have a propensity in children. Children affected by mixed lineage leukaemia (MLL) have a very poor prognosis -  it is not only the most aggressive form of childhood leukaemia but also highly resistant to medication. With Leuka funding, Dr. Esposito will be investigating the reasons why and what can be done.

Pump-priming grants, such as our John Goldman Fellowship awards, provide much-needed support at a crucial point in a scientist’s or doctor’s research career. This important award provides a stepping stone for researchers to become independent, enabling them to turn their ideas and theories into tangible cancer research and to make significant contributions to understanding and treating these blood cancers. This is the third year the John Goldman Fellowships have been awarded by Leuka.

Despite progress with leukaemia and cancer research, 26 people are still diagnosed with leukaemia every day - just under 10,000 per year – and far too many die each year from blood cancer. More research is urgently needed.

Leuka Chief Executive Olive Boles said, “Leuka’s founder John Goldman believed in supporting doctors and scientists early in their careers, and in the power of their fresh ideas. It is in this spirit that we award the John Goldman Fellowships each year to promising research scientists and clinicians. 

Cancer research is not a quick or inexpensive undertaking. Without awards like these, giving gifted cancer researchers the opportunity to test their theories many recent key advances in cancer treatments would not have occurred.

John Goldman Fellows of past years have already gone on to make exciting discoveries and we are very pleased to welcome these four new contenders to Leuka. Supporting them will help get us closer to our goal of curing leukaemia and creating a better life for leukaemia patients.”

Leuka will be awarding over £1 million in leukaemia and blood cancer research grants in 2017, Including the John Goldman Fellowships for Future Science. We receive no government funding, and rely on our generous supporters: donate to help us secure leukaemia research of the future.