Leuka Research Projects

Personalised genetic management of chronic myeloid leukaemia

Dr Alistair Reid and his team at Imperial College London are investigating DNA markers to help patients with CML withdraw safely and effectively from drug based treatments.

Natural history of AML in children with Down's Syndrome

Professor Irene Roberts and her team at Imperial College are exploring methods to track track the early stages of AML in Down’s syndrome for the first time.

Mesenchymal stem cells and graft-versus-host disease

Professor Francesco Dazzi and his team are investigating three potential therapies to support leukaemia patients that develop graft-versus-host disease.

Do chronic myeloid leukaemia stem cells actively evade the host immune response?

Dr Alison Michie and her team are working towards potential immunomodulatory therapies for CML patients.

Oncogene-induced stress as driver of B cell lymphoma genesis

Dr Feldhahn and his team are analysing this earliest stage of leukaemia development - the moment at which a healthy cell becomes a leukaemia cell.